Embracing innovation as a corporate leader

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Embracing the relentless symphony of innovation In the fast-paced world of corporate excellence, innovation is the heartbeat that drives success. As visionary leaders, we hold the baton to conduct the symphony of transformation, orchestrating the convergence of new technologies, an innovation-friendly culture, and collaborative genius. This blog offers a sneak peek into our whitepaper (you […]

Why we have a nice office, even though we offer 100% remote

Why we still want to have a nice office, even though we offer 100% home office possibility At our company, we believe that giving our team members the option of working from home is essential. We are committed to providing them with a 100% remote possibility. However, we also understand that having a great office […]

3 ways to boost your creativity

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3 ways to boost your creativity Maybe you’ve been here before — you finally found some time to get things done, and you’re all fired up and ready to go, but you’re just sitting there, staring at the screen and waiting for some kind of creativity to happen. It’s like your mind is a blank […]

How you narrow down an MVP

How you narrow down an MVP We often see companies starting with an MVP and then from there — iterating from feature to feature, focussing on a product market fit. This is a good way to go, however in my experience it can be difficult to know when your product is ready for market. It […]

Why is a product market fit so important for startups?

Why is a product market fit so important for startups? Here’s a short breakdown why a product market fit is inevitable for startups and what 4 signs of a market fit are. Definition First, let’s start with the question: what is PMF? Product-market fit describes a scenario in which a company’s target customers are buying, […]

Product-led growth – Explained as simple as possible

Product-led growth – Explained as simple as possible Everyone is talking about Product-led growth, but what the hell is it? Product-led growth (or short PLG) is a go-to-market strategy that focuses on the product as the primary way to attract, convert and of course retain users. You will hear from PLG in the digital or […]

Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork makes the dream work – Lukas´ first weeks at Dotbite Oh yes, we start super cheesy in this blog. But guess what – this sentence is from our team member Lukas. He is the guy in this photo, already part of the Dotbite Dev Crew for half a year, and an absolutely great guy. […]

Requirements Engineering Workshop

Requirements Engineering at Dotbite Asking the right questions Before we start a project and before it is even clear to the customer if they want to start a project, Dotbite hosts a requirements engineering workshop. That’s a pretty fancy name, but the process behind it is, from our point of view, indispensable. In essence, in […]

Our Values

Dotbite’s values “Tina, shouldn’t we have company values? This is something essential when a company grows, right?” Sure, let’s talk about values. In every good management magazine, you can find an article saying that values support the company’s vision, shape its culture, and guide the team on how team members should work together. But what […]

Quinn Dashboard

Quinn’s new dashboard  Commonalities  What do the UG amendment 2021, which imposed far-reaching changes in ECTS minimum credits and consequently ECTS fairness, and our web developer Hanna have in common? They both started in October 2021. And the similarities don’t end there. While the UG amendment brought a noticeable push for our ECTS evaluation app Quinn […]