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Hilfma is a non-profit project that helps individuals to support people and local businesses around them.

Strong storytelling and a lot of empathy.

At the beginning of what turned out to be a multi-year global pandemic we decided to build Hilfma. From the idea in our heads to the developed app it took two weeks of hard work, lots of coffee and very little sleep.

We knew right from the beginning that applying a strong storytelling approach and relying heavily on empathy would be key. People want to help. This allowed us to create a caring environment in our app, where people genuinely look after each other.

As of now Hilfma is supporting more than 650 local businesses and over 6400 users in three different countries.


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Being agile was incredibly impactful.

During the first weeks of the pandemic there was a lot of uncertainty and many different opinions about measures. Remember when parks were closed, but masks not mandatory? Yeah. In such times your company gets challenged daily. Our agile framework allowed us to react and adapt on the fly. Otherwise Hilfma would have not been possible.

"The combination of values and innovation, in this case willingness to help and the possibilities of the digital world - that's what HILFMA stands for and that's what we want to support! It's a wonderful thought that help for grandparents living a hundred kilometers away is just a click away."

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