Lead Horizon

Corona Test Web App

This project is about creating a highly intuitive web app used by hundreds of thousands of people to test themselves for Covid-19, identify them, and deliver their results.

Covid-19 testing with less effort and more flexibility.

Lead Horizon is a startup with the mission to make Covid-19 testing as simple and accessible as possible. They provide PCR-Tests based on a gargle solution. We worked closely with the Lead Horizon product team at a breakneck speed to overcome two main obstacles: the video identification of the person performing the test and a straightforward experience.

The web app is successfully running on over 15 servers, able to handle more than two million weekly users.


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Why simple was so complex.

While meeting all the requirements, we also had to ensure that the user remains at the core. We designed a straightforward process to gather the data we need with minimum effort to guarantee a fast user experience.

Together with Lead Horizon, we want to ensure that Covid-19 testing will become a routine.

According to "Lead Horizon" co-founder Christoph Steininger, the user must open a web app and carry out personal identification to certify the test. Via a camera - either via mobile phone, PC, or laptop - the person tested has to show himself in the picture with a photo ID. In addition, the users film themselves with the camera during the one-minute throat rinse. All this is ultimately uploaded to the app.

REWE Group is a proud project partner of the Stadt Wien project "Alles gurgelt".

"Based on the PCR test kits that have already been handed in and the many positive customer responses, the high acceptance and immense interest of the population are evident."


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