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A project where we focused on improving the learning habits of students. Based on our own experiences.

Nobody teaches you efficient and effective learning.

timebite visualizes your learning resources to help you reflect on and improve your capabilities. We focused our attention on gaining insights not only on your data but also on information from fellow students. We have managed to find the key factors to stop wasting time and start spreading learning analytics through many testing phases.


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What information is important? How can you compare learning analytics?

Extensive research has shown us that students usually ask 2 to 3 friends how they prepared for a particular lecture. These questions always go along with "How long did you study?", "What study materials did you use?", "Do you have any special tips for me?" - timebite is the representation of this conversation with a hundred times more people.

timebite is a great way to support students in their learning. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for us as a company to establish the first contact between students and UNIQA. That is why we are very happy about the opportunity that timebite offers us here.


With timebite, we can reach numerous students from universities and technical colleges in German-speaking regions. Our presence on timebite's digital booth allows us to inform students about our projects and get a steadily increasing level of awareness among the technical and business graduates of tomorrow.

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