Requirements Engineering Workshop

Requirements Engineering at Dotbite Asking the right questions Before we start a project and before it is even clear to the customer if they want to start a project, Dotbite hosts a requirements engineering workshop. That’s a pretty fancy name, but the process behind it is, from our point of view, indispensable. In essence, in […]

Our Values

Dotbite’s values “Tina, shouldn’t we have company values? This is something essential when a company grows, right?” Sure, let’s talk about values. In every good management magazine, you can find an article saying that values support the company’s vision, shape its culture, and guide the team on how team members should work together. But what […]

Quinn Dashboard

Quinn’s new dashboard  Commonalities  What do the UG amendment 2021, which imposed far-reaching changes in ECTS minimum credits and consequently ECTS fairness, and our web developer Hanna have in common? They both started in October 2021. And the similarities don’t end there. While the UG amendment brought a noticeable push for our ECTS evaluation app Quinn […]

Young Leadership at Dotbite

Young Leadership Dotbite started with four students having an idea with a lot of positive impact on other students and has since then developed into a software agency with five young leaders and 15 team members. Has it been challenging sometimes? Oh yeah. But it is a fun ride! And that is why we wanted to talk […]

Laravel Forge

Forge ahead! In one of our previous blogs, we have already written about the PHP framework Laravel, which we enjoy using. Now we will look at Laravel Forge, which is built on top of the Laravel stack and optimized entirely around Laravel. In a nutshell, Laravel Forge is a SaaS solution from Laravel that allows server […]

Year in review

Dotbite Year in Review 2021 A year of growth If there’s one word that describes our year 2021, it’s growth. We’ve nearly tripled in size over the year thanks to good demand and exciting projects and can now count 18 outstanding individuals on our team, all of whom complete Dotbite in their way. In addition […]

Lead Horizon’s new features

LEAD Horizon’s new features The 4th wave Contrary to hopes in the summer, the Corona pandemic is far from over. Quite the opposite, since the beginning of autumn, Covid is back with a vengeance, and we headed straight into the 4th wave of the pandemic. New measures to prevent the further spreading of the virus have […]


Experience or Potential? In this blog, our HR manager and generally excellent person Tina describes Dotbite’s strategy for finding potential new talents. Our company grew from just 6 people in 2020 to a team of 18 exceptional individuals at the end of 2021, thanks to exciting projects like LEAD Horizon or Quinn. So how do we choose who […]


Flutter: Two birds, one stone What’s Flutter? Flutter is a front-end framework based on Dart. It takes the Dart code and translates it super quickly into JavaScript, which is, of course, cross-platform. We like Flutter a lot, so we want to talk about it in this Blog. We discovered Flutter on our first real business […]


Laravel: the best framework out there? Within the developer community, one of the most frequently discussed and most used backend frameworks out there is Laravel. Here at Dotbite, we use Laravel in projects such as timebite and LEAD Horizon. It’s become our go-to-tool, so we decided to write down our favorite benefits of using the […]