Workload Evaluation App

The Vienna University of Technology approached us to take their quality of education to the next level with the help of a learning diary.

Awaking the urge to improve the education system.

There is an urgent need for universities to digitalize existing manual and paper-based evaluation of the workload of their various courses. Getting students to participate while letting them know their data is secure so they feel comfortable was the main focus.

We designed and developed an app that allows students to track their time spent in specific lectures while talking to a sweet, trustworthy girl named Quinn. She discovers discrepancies between study plans and reality.


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Authentic & transparent.

Our move to make the project completely authentic was the right foundation for success. Data transparency is vital to many users.

The user experience decisions we've made and the features we've built in are already helping to improve fairness at multiple universities.

The TU Vienna collects data directly from its students on the actual time required to complete a course. The Quinn tracks the learning effort: the app operates as a learning diary, in which daily entries are made quickly, easily, and anonymously.

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