About Us

Dotbite is a collective of passionate software engineers, creative designers, digital natives, innovative thinkers, and inspiring product owners who thrive in the digital world. We specialize in scalable solutions for large amounts of data, fast infrastructure, and a user experience made for humans.

How we approach our projects

Fast and Agile

Outcome Oriented

User Centered

Our Mission

We face the challenges of tomorrow by creating scalable, digital solutions and keeping authentic in everything we do.

Our Vision

Software built with purpose, made for humans.

What we value


We know each Dotbite team member is a fantastic person. That is why we are always us – genuinely.


We value sharing our opinions, speaking our minds, and opening up on challenges we face together.


We work in an agile, solution-oriented, and user-centered way to get the best solutions for our clients and projects.


We work side by side and help each other reach our goals because we are more successful as a team.

Individual Development

Each of us is unique with strengths, flaws, and character. Therefore, we emphasize individual development, mutual feedback, and a culture of encouragement.

What makes us particularly proud is that we’ve created such a well-functioning team out of so many distinct and unique individuals.

Emir, CEO

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Our Story


The adventure begins - timebite
As if it was yesterday: Adrian, Emir and Emir sit frustrated in the kitchen, because they can’t find useful help for their next exam online. Emir asks: “Why is there no platform on which I can simply search for my next exam and find all the information I need at a glance?" Together with tech-head Paul they started tinkering on the idea. The project timebite was born.

timebite is now represented at over 50 universities, has more than 15,000 registered users, and over 500,000 tracked hours in 20,000 courses.

Our next project: Quinn
Following the success of timebite at their university and our outstanding data the Vienna University of Technology approached us with the need to digitize their ECTS evaluation. For a university it is vital to know how long students study for specific classes to be able to guarantee fairness regarding the ECTS points. So, the Vienna University of Technology asked us to develop an app for them.

Quinn launch
We launched Quinn for the Vienna University of Technology in October 2019. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Quinn has more than 300.000 tracked hours and 4.000 participating students.

HILFMA: Helping people to help
At the beginning of the corona pandemic, we created Hilfma, a non-profit app for Android and iOS that helps individuals to support people and local businesses. We built Hilfma, from the idea to release, in just two weeks and were nominated for the app of the year 2020 award.

The HILFMA app now has more than 6,500 users and lists over 650 regional businesses.

Uur new brand is born: Dotbite
After the development of Quinn and HILFMA, we noticed that we are pretty good at creating digital solutions for customer requirements and people love our projects. Therefore, we created the brand Dotbite to provide our services from the idea to the development for external clients, like Morawa Digital or LEAD Horizon.

A year of growth
Thanks to very successful projects like LEAD Horizon and the continuation of our own products Dotbite grew from seven to eighteen people in 2021. Dotbite is now a collective of passionate software engineers, creative designers, innovative thinkers, and inspiring product owners who thrive in the digital world, ready to seize the day.
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