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About Us

Dotbite is a team of passionate software engineers, creative designers, digital natives, innovative thinkers, and inspiring product owners who thrive in the digital world. We specialize in scalable solutions for large amounts of data, fast infrastructure, and a user experience made for humans.

How we approach our projects

Fast and agile

Outcome oriented

User centered

Our Mission

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, we embrace the dynamic landscape of innovation, continually striving to develop scalable, cutting-edge digital solutions that not only address the evolving needs of our ever-changing world but also remain firmly rooted in authenticity and integrity in every facet of our endeavors. Our commitment to authenticity is a guiding principle that permeates our approach to problem-solving, ensuring that our solutions harness the power of technological advancement.

Our Vision

We make software that's all about the user! With a clear sense of purpose and a focus on making life easier, our user-friendly applications are designed to be your everyday companions. Whether it's simplifying tasks or connecting people, we create software that's made for humans, making tech a breeze. So, no matter what you're up to, we've got your back!

What we value


We know each Dotbite team member is a fantastic person. That is why we are always us – genuinely.


We value sharing our opinions, speaking our minds, and opening up on challenges we face together.


We work in an agile, solution-oriented, and user-centered way to get the best solutions for our clients and projects.


We work side by side and help each other reach our goals because we are more successful as a team.

Personal Growth

We emphasize individual development, mutual feedback, and a culture of encouragement.

What makes us particularly proud is that we’ve created such a well-functioning team out of so many distinct and unique individuals.

Emir, CEO

Our Team

Our Office

office view Meeting room of Dotbite GmbH Office entrance with chill out area Office terrace wide office view Meeting room with dog lounge of our office darts board in our office

Want to become a part of the team?

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