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Harnessing User Feedback to Drive Product Development

In the fast-paced world of product development, ensuring that your platform aligns with user needs is paramount. On a project we are currently working on (whoranks), we’ve developed a strategy that emphasizes community input, helping us to gather over 100 pieces of feature feedback within a week.

Building a Feedback Loop

From the very beginning, we prioritized user feedback. Even though whoranks was developed swiftly, our main focus was on understanding and incorporating community insights to make sure the platform was aligned with user needs.

While the initial launch of whoranks allowed people to see the top LinkedIn Influencers of their country, the registration feature, which we shipped two weeks after launching the platform, allowed users to compare their rankings and benchmark theirselves.

This was an ideal moment to collect more user feedback. Instead of just analyzing data, we asked users directly. When we launched the platform initially, we added an open text field for users to provide their feedback. This resulted in numerous emails, highlighting the top three requested features. So we already knew which features would hit the market next.

Iterating with User Insights

Two weeks later, with the registration feature in place (which was one of the requested features), we introduced a simple survey after the waitlist sign-up. This survey asked users to select their preferred next feature from the top three options while they waited to be approved.

This straightforward but well-thought-out approach enabled us to collect over 100 pieces of feature feedback quickly.

Just by including the ask for feedback into the user experience, we were able to get direct insights into the users’ thinking. What also made the process easier for the user, was that there they only had to pick a specific option - no open text fields to describe anything, just pick the option you like the most. With that, we made it very intuitive for users to give us direct insights.

Steps to Implement a Feedback Strategy

1. Create Multiple and Easy Feedback Channels: Besides in-app surveys and open text fields, consider using social media, emails, and forums to collect feedback. Diverse channels ensure you reach a broader audience. Also, make sure to make giving feedback as easy and intuitive as possible.

2. Encourage Honest Feedback: Make it clear that you value and need honest input. Assure users that their feedback directly impacts the product’s development.

3. Act on Feedback Promptly: Show users that their opinions matter by quickly implementing popular suggestions. This not only improves your product but also builds a loyal user base.

4. Communicate Changes: Keep users informed about the changes you’re making based on their feedback. Transparency fosters trust and encourages ongoing participation in the feedback process.

The Impact of Engaging Users Early - The Market Fit

This method not only provided us with clear direction for our next steps but also made iterating for market fit easier and more straightforward. It’s not about complex strategies but understanding and engaging with the target group.

Engaging users early in the development process helps create a product that truly meets their needs. At whoranks, involving users from the start allowed us to build a community of engaged and invested users. They feel a sense of ownership and are more likely to support and promote the platform.


Incorporating user feedback doesn’t require rocket science. It requires a genuine understanding of your audience and straightforward methods to gather insights. This approach has proven invaluable for whoranks, guiding our product development and ensuring that we meet user needs effectively.

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