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Vengolino - Vienna Red Cross

Food Ordering On-The-Go



The Vienna Red Cross have been addressing the wishes and needs of the Viennese for almost 30 years. To make access to their services even easier, they have decided to develop an food ordering app for the people.


While not being involved in the initial app development, we were hired to improve and further development the app and it's system. The core of the project was a steady support and improvement of the application while keeping stakeholders always up-to-date.


Right from the start, we were able to improve the apps' performance significantly and set a new base for further development. Currently, Vengolino is working better than ever and we are adding features constantly.



App Development, Technical Consulting



Groping in the dark

The biggest technical challenge in this project was the takeover without a proper knowledge transfer. As the initial developer was no longer available, we first had to familiarize ourselves intensively with the existing code and architecture. This proved to be particularly challenging as the documentation was incomplete and many details were not clear.

In addition, it was necessary to bring the applications up to the latest state of the art, which took a lot of time. This process involved updating outdated libraries, implementing new security standards and optimizing performance to ensure that the applications were not only stable but also future-proof.

There were definitely moments when we were worried. Particularly challenging were the updates that brought some breaking changes with them that we couldn't identify in advance. These unforeseen changes led to unexpected complications that stalled the project at times.

It was worrying as we not only had to maintain the existing features but also ensure that no new bugs were introduced. These critical phases required intensive debugging, close team collaboration and often creative solutions to resolve the issues and successfully move the project forward.


Meeting our own quality standards

To overcome these challenges, we involved a highly experienced full-stack developer in the project (since all developers on our team are senior full-stack developers, this was a no-brainer for us). This senior developer not only brought extensive technical knowledge, but also the necessary experience to solve complex problems efficiently.

Since one of our core values is delivering highest quality, we always make sure that products we take over are already built well, otherwise we won't take on the project. So before actually confirming to take over the project, we carefully checked the existing code for quality. This included a thorough analysis of the code base to identify potential vulnerabilities and technical debt at an early stage.

This proactive approach enabled us to make targeted improvements and ensure that we continued to work on a solid basis. Thanks to our developer's expertise and careful preparation, we were able to overcome the technical challenges and successfully move the project forward.

On the project, we work in a continuous maintenance and development process. This includes regular update checks to ensure that the software is always up to date and working properly. Short-chain and uncomplicated communication with the customer was and is essential to ensure quick responses to any problems or change requests that arise.

We use awork for our KANBAN processs to organize and manage our tasks, because it's a steady and fluent process from both sides. awork enables us to track the progress of maintenance and further development transparently and manage it efficiently. After we have uploaded updates to the test environment, the customer tests them with their own team before they are finally released. This ensures that the changes meet the customer's requirements and that no unexpected problems occur.

This structured and collaborative process has enabled us to develop and maintain a stable and reliable software solution.

Connecting the dots

One particularly positive moment that we remember from this project was the excellent and uncomplicated cooperation both within the team and with the customer.

This smooth communication and the open, constructive atmosphere enabled us to work efficiently and purposefully, while having a great time working on the product.

What was particularly impressive was how quickly and flexibly both our team and the client responded to challenges. This collaboration not only made the work process much easier, but also led to a high level of satisfaction on both sides. It is a great feeling to see how excellent results can be achieved through joint efforts and strong teamwork.

Impact on society

We are particularly proud that we are able to support the Vienna Red Cross. It is an outstanding organization that makes an enormously important contribution worldwide. It is particularly meaningful for us because Christoph, one of our founders, was already a big fan of the Red Cross during his civilian service.

This personal connection and the opportunity to contribute to such an important organization through our work fills us with pride and gratitude. It shows that our technical skills and our work can actually have a positive impact on society.


If we had to describe the project in one word, it would be "togetherness". This word perfectly summarises the essence of our work: the close and cooperative teamwork, the smooth and trusting communication with the client and the common goal of creating something meaningful and valuable. "Together" epitomizes the spirit of the project, where every single person contributed to its success and we overcame challenges and celebrated successes together.



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