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Real-time LinkedIn rankings



Johannes Braith, one of the Co-Founders of whoranks, initially published a static LinkedIn-Influencer ranking on a yearly basis for the last couple of years. The goal of whoranks was to provide the same information like that yearly ranking, but on a daily basis and always up-to-date in form of a platform.


Always aligned with the overall strategy, the main goal while developing the product was a product-led-growth focused business and user experience. That's why it was crucial to introduce many in-product feedback features, in order to align with user needs while further developing the platform.


The system is designed to automatically generate rankings based on the traits of individuals provided. By constantly scouring the web for the latest information, it creates a nearly real-time representation of the data, ranking the Top LinkedIn Influencers. This allows a dynamic and up-to-date portrayal of the list, reflecting changes as they happen.



CTO as a Service



Real-time Data

LinkedIn is becoming a huge player in the business world - executives, entrepreneurs but also employees and workers give insights into their day-to-day tasks and learnings. In the last couple of years, LinkedIn has evolved into one of the top platforms in the world. Its significance in the professional landscape has grown immensely, making it a crucial tool for networking, job searching, and industry insights.

The platform offers some insights and analysis to the posts users make on the platform. You can see how many impressions you got and what positions people have who look at your postings. Understanding who views your posts and what roles they occupy can help tailor future content to better reach target audiences and enhance professional visibility.

But how can you compare yourself to others? Are you performing well? This question is central to many users who seek to understand their standing within their industry or network. Comparing performance metrics can provide insights into one’s influence and effectiveness on the platform, helping to identify areas for improvement and strategies for growth. However, LinkedIn’s existing analytics, while useful, do not offer a straightforward way to benchmark oneself against peers comprehensively.

This is what the biggest challenge for whoranks was - to transform all the data we can gather from LinkedIn, interpret those data points correctly in order to maintain a real-time LinkedIn ranking. We had to dive deep into the algorithm of LinkedIn to understand how it’s working and to be able to set up a proper list. Our goal was to create a tool that not only aggregated and analyzed LinkedIn data but also provided meaningful and actionable insights.

We embarked on a meticulous process of data collection and analysis, employing sophisticated algorithms to parse through vast amounts of information. By examining patterns and trends, we aimed to develop a ranking system that accurately reflected user performance and influence.

Furthermore, we faced the challenge of making these insights accessible and easy to understand. It was not enough to simply present the data; we needed to ensure that users could easily interpret their rankings and understand the factors contributing to their scores.


Easy-to-Understand Ranking

How can you offer an understandable ranking of all those data-points collected? This was our main question and the objective we aimed for. Building an intuitive and well-thought-out experience for our users was key, since they will get back every day to see what has changed in the ranking, it shouldn’t be hard for them to do so. This is why a user-centered approach and steady feedback collection was inevitable in order to reach market fit quickly.

The challenge of presenting a comprehensible ranking of numerous data points required a multifaceted strategy. We needed to ensure that our system was not only accurate but also user-friendly, allowing users to effortlessly interpret and interact with the data. To achieve this, we embarked on a journey to create an interface that prioritized clarity and simplicity, ensuring that even the most complex information was accessible at a glance.

Understanding the diverse needs of our user base was crucial. We conducted extensive user research to identify pain points and preferences, ensuring that our design catered to both novice users and data-savvy individuals. Regular usability testing sessions allowed us to gather invaluable insights and iterate on our designs, refining the user experience to make it as seamless as possible.

In conclusion, offering an understandable ranking of collected data points involved a comprehensive, user-centered approach. By focusing on intuitive design, continuous feedback collection, and user engagement, we strived to create a platform that was both functional and delightful to use, ensuring that users could easily track changes and stay informed with minimal effort.

Connecting the dots

whoranks has emerged as a groundbreaking platform in the realm of LinkedIn analytics, setting new standards for how professionals can measure and understand their performance on the world’s largest professional network while benchmarking theirselves. Since its launch, whoranks has successfully transformed the way users interpret their LinkedIn data, providing them with a comprehensive, real-time ranking system that is both intuitive and insightful.

It provides professionals with a powerful tool to understand and improve their performance on the platform. Our commitment to accuracy, real-time updates, and user-friendly design has not only driven significant user growth and engagement but also set a new benchmark for excellence in the industry.

As we continue to innovate and expand the capabilities, whoranks remains dedicated to empowering professionals to achieve their LinkedIn goals with confidence and clarity.

User Growth & Engagement

Since launching, whoranks has seen a substantial increase in user adoption, with thousands of professionals signing up to leverage the platform’s advanced analytics. The platform’s user-friendly interface and real-time data updates have resulted in high engagement rates, with users frequently returning to monitor their performance and compare it with peers.

By diving deep into LinkedIn’s algorithm, the platform has developed a precise and dynamic ranking system that accurately reflects user influence and activity. Our sophisticated data collection and analysis methods ensure that rankings are updated in real-time, providing users with the most current insights into their LinkedIn presence.

The user at the centre of development

The platform’s design prioritizes ease of use, with intuitive visualizations that make complex data easily understandable. Users can quickly see key metrics, trends, and areas for improvement, enabling them to make informed decisions about their LinkedIn strategy.

Continuous feedback from our user base has been integral to refining and enhancing the platform, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of professionals. The platform’s user-centered approach and steady feedback collection have been crucial in achieving market fit. whoranks has rapidly adapted to user needs, consistently delivering value and staying ahead of the competition.

High-paced Development

I was absolutely delighted with how quickly the Dotbite team got to work. They focussed very strongly on understanding what the requirements were and supported us in the process both strategically and as sparring partners. I will definitely hire Dotbite again for my next projects.

Dr. Johannes Braith, Co-Founder



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